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Optimerar pumphastigheten för att spara energi

In the recent years, development of Cooling/Heating equipment moved the focus through different steps:

  • Full load efficiency considering compressors only (COP)
  • Full load Efficiency including also fans consumption (EER)
  • Seasonal Efficiency in standard conditions (ESEER/IPLV)
  • Seasonal Efficiency including also pumps consumption and pressure drops (EN14-511)

The efficiency calculation is taking in account not only consumption to produce the Cooling/Heating capacity, but also the energy consumption to transfer energy . In many installation, still today, efficient units are coupled with fixed speed pumps, running all time even when the demand of cooling/ heating is very small. In addition to this, in most of cases , the pumps are oversized according to the real demand, therefore have bigger consumption than needed even when the unit is full loaded, in other words pumps are wasting energy and money whenever do not adapt their speed to the demand. Flowzer is a smart logic of managing variable flow inverter pumps that can be applied for various installation types with ultimate scope of saving “pumping energy consumption”