We contribute to social sustainability by...

Ensuring a safe and healthy work environment with high levels of well-being

We believe all our colleagues are equally important, and we offer a safe and stimulating work environment.

In order to have high levels of well-being we create conditions for a sustainable work-life-balance, because we know that people who feel good perform better. We also work actively with our company values to build a strong organizational culture.

When it comes to the health and safety of our employees, we are proactive and succeed in creating a much higher level than the regulartory minimum.  We identify risks in the physical and social work environments and take action to ensure the health and safety of our employees.

Advocating gender equality, non-discrimination and diversity

We actively promote diversity in our workforce, knowing that the best results arise from different kinds of experiences and a welcoming environment.

Within the area of gender equality, we have high ambitions to improve and achieve our targets by:

  • Always having at least one female candidate in the recruitment process within groups where the proportion of women is lower than men (and vice versa)
  • Including our focus on gender equality in strategic communications 
  • Educating managers and employees on the topic of gender equality
  • Continuing to measure and communicate our progress

Enabling continuous learning and competence development

We always seek to develop our employees, managers and organization. We do this through different actions such as: performance and development reviews, on the job trainings, feedback as well as various types of trainings.

Competence is not just what we have in our heads, it is what makes us perform our jobs well, what differentiates us from our competitors and in the end, what makes us succeed as a company.

Our internal training portal – MySwegon Knowledge – contains over 100 digital trainings, helping our employees deepen their knowledge and develop their competencies.

We believe in what we do, therefore we are convinced that sharing knowledge will benefit our customers, employees, partners and the entire indoor climate community.