Great indoor comfort with a breakthrough solution

Get to know the building

Green Hall Business Center is a high-end office complex in Vilnius, Lithuania. The building was planned in the early 2000s and was aimed to stand out from the crowd with its exceptional architecture, state-of-the-art climate control and low energy consumption. The initially designed solution was, at the time, a breakthrough in Lithuania and construction began in 2008. But then, the financial crisis struck Europe.

When finished the building held 12 shops in addition to the high-end offices with a floor space of 10,800 m2.


It is easy to get blinded by the costs

With its finances under strain, the investor felt that the climate beam system that was initially designed for the building was too expensive. It was then decided to opt for a fan coil system which seemed less expensive. At this point, Swegon offered to take a closer look at the calculations by the means of ProClim. Our software helped to calculate the cooling requirement for the building as a whole, and the result showed a dry cooling output of 45 W/m2 rather than the 80 W/m2 previously expected. 


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Swegon reference cases green hall business centre

It requires expertise to get the calculations right

As mentioned above, there was a clear devation between the initial calculations and the ones Swegon provided by the means of ProClim. The reason for this difference was the properties of the windows. When taking the double glazed façades and automatic exterior shutters into account the variation became evident. At the time in Lithuania, it was not common to calculate heating and/or cooling loads with double glazed windows, meaning the Swegon software really played a decisive role.

At the end of the day, the fan coil and climate beams solution barely differed in cost which is why the initial solution for the Green Hall Business Center was chosen and Swegon was joining in on the project.


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The good solution for the client

Green Hall Business Center was provided 33 individually controllable climate beams. The climate beam is a favourble product as it does not have any moving parts, especially maintenance is easier. Further, there is no condensation, very limited noise and the energy consumption is minimal. Last but not least, climate beams offer great flexibility when a space divided into separate zones or vise versa.

Aside from the above climate beams from Swegon, we also provided air handling units, condensation protection and dehumidification, as well as flexible operation and maintenance. Our expertise, primarily in relation to climate beams but also in indoor climate knowledge, made us an attractive partner in this project.


Why Swegon
Swegon reference cases green hall business centre

Pleasing results for the investor as well as the tenants

Coming back to the fact that the Green Hall Business Center was built during the economic crises in Europe. When completed, only 60% of the office space was leased. One of the tenants at that time was Barclays Technology Center, whom had chosen this office space to get the highest standards of indoor comfort for their employees. A few years later, in 2017, Barclays was leasing a total of 90% of the available space.


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