A reliable solution from a reliable supplier

A reliable solution from a reliable supplier

An urban renovation project

The urban area of Ca' Marcello in Venice is located right next to the city's railway station. Warehouse facilities, railway parking and train repairs were located on the premises prior to a reconstruction where primarily four buildings were remained on the site.

The municipality of Vencie initiated the reconstruction and an investor assigned the renovation buildings to four different international accomodation brands. Some of the railway related localities are still in the area but the neighbourhood as a whole is now a significant contribution to the atmosphere of the city of Venice. 


Swegon, an experienced supplier

Early in the Ca' Marcello project the contractor, Bettiol Srl, was chosen as a partner to implement the mechanical and thermal-hydraulic systems. They decided to advance the level of technological innovation and sought to implement a variable flow rate on the primary circuit, an energy efficient solution rarely utilized on the Italian market until a short while ago.

It was decided to get in contact with Swegon, we were known to have the experience needed as pioneers in developing the variable flow system, or Variable Flow Primary Pumping (VFPP). 

TFE INGEGNERIA Srl, the chosen technical consultant, had previously been working with Swegon BlueBox and started the collaboration in this project with an assessment of possible technical alternatives. At Swegon, we developed and analysed different solutions for the project which were then evaluated togehter with TFE.


Why Swegon

Significant complexities

The buildings on the site are connected to each other and can therefore utilize the same indoor climate solution, which in turn implicated a respectful level of complexity and size of the solution.

One of the distinct challenges in this project was to provide the building with enough power to meet its considerable demand. Subsequently, there was a challenge in how to reach a satisfying level of energy efficiency and still ensure a comfortable indoor climate.

With that, a solution enabling optimisation of pump speed turned out to be favorable. The chosen multifunctional units have the ability to minimise the energy consumption further through their 4-pipe system which can provide simultaneous heating and cooling, and by that, answer to different needs throughout a building. 

It was not an option for TFE INGEGNERIA to consider a solution for Ca' Marcello containing products and components from different suppliers. A project of this size requires reliability which is why Swegon BlueBox was chosen to provide a complete HVAC solution with associated flow rate control systems. 


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We identified Swegon BlueBox as the partner who was reliable and the best one for this [project]
Giovanni Curculacos, Technical Director of TFE INGEGNERIA Srl

Our commitment in all projects

As previously mentioned, the size of the Ca' Marcello project was respectful. Luca Zordan, Swegon Italy director, says that cases like this require an established overall vision. The purpose of the solution should be defined as there is no room for impromptu decisions. Nothing may be left to chance. Zordan also points out that it is fundamental to have considerable experience and a technical structure that can support the design phase as well as the many stages along the process. 

Having that said, we provided the Ca' Marcello project with a total of 8 BlueBox OMICRON multifunctional units, HYZER for integrating all eight units and 4 FLOWZER systems. The latter being smart logic of managing variable flow inverter pumps. This complete solution was carefully chosen in order to meet the needs of energy efficiency and comfortable indoor climate.


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