Sustainability and energy efficiency for a net zero target

Sustainability and energy efficiency for a net zero target

Clarion Hotel Umeå in the northern part of Sweden

In downtown Umeå, a middle sized univerysity city in the nothern part of Sweden, is this contemporary Clarion hotel located along the Umeälven river. The hotel opened its doors to a total of 13 floors in 2022. It offers 270 hotel rooms, a restaurant, a roof-top bar, gym and spa as well as a conference center with 14 meeting rooms and a large dinner hall.

Strawberry, the owner of the Clarion hotel concept and tenant in this project, and the real estate owner Diös are jointly involved and responsible in this project, and they had together composed the requirements and targets for this specific hotel.

The challenge held a focus on tomorrow

Clearly expressed by both parties was the explicit target of a sustainable and energy efficient solution for ventilation, heating and cooling. This was not only to align with Strawberry's goal to reach net zero in their own operations and to reduce emissions in their value chain by 50% by 2030, but to also for the building to have a good chance to meet the requirements of the highest level of BREEAM-SE, Very Good.

BREEAM is one of the oldest environmental certification systems for new-builds. Energy consumption, indoor climate, use of water and waste handling are the primary aspects weighed into the evaluation. BREEAM has so far certified about 500 000 buildings. BREEAM-SE is the Swedish version of the certification system.


Image above: Edvin Eklund

Partnering up for an energy efficient solution

When designing an energy efficient solution for ventilation it is important not to forget that the indoor climate still has to be comfortable. A turned off ventilation system can be highly energy efficient, but it rarely delivers a favoured indoor environment. 

Umia AB is a long-term partner to us at Swegon, we joined forces with the HVAC consultants in Skellefteå (now Tyréns) to find a suitable solution for this hotel. At an early stage, we got the opportunity to showcase a possible set-up of the ventilation, based on our Swegon GOLD air handling units (AHUs). Later, together with the consultant, a large number of use-cases were tested to specify air volumes for each air handler in the hotel.


Image to the right: Edvin Eklund









Energy savings with our Swegon air handling units

As said, the solution for Clarion Hotel Umeå is based on our Swegon GOLD air handling units, which are placed in fan rooms on different floors throughout the building. The units are of larger models with rotating heat exchangers for energy saving heat recovery. The fans are developed by ourselves which makes them exceptionally efficient and perfectly suited to our units. As a result, they generate very low SFP values.

To the hotel's top floor, a larger Swegon GOLD SD unit has been provided. It serves the entire floor, including the including the restaurant area. Due to the size of this GOLD unit it had to be lifted, by the assistance of a crance, to the top floor. Process that our Swegon technicians support on site.


Image to the left: Martin Edholm

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Aesthetics in a hotel means custom coloured air diffusers

Units for inside the room were carefully chosen to make sure the fresh air from the AHUs was introduced in a manner that avoids noise and draughts, but ensures a comfortable indoor climate.  

The hydronic comfort module called Swegon PARAGON was provided in each and every guest room for as well ventilation as heating/cooling. Two different types of air diffusers were provided to the lobby, hallways, meeting rooms and other common areas, Swegon EAGLE ceiling and/or PELICAN CE HF. All air diffuseres were custom coloured in dark nuances which make the products blend in with the dim and calm interior design of the hotel. 


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We have, together with Swegon, met the challenging requirements and designed a sustainable and energy efficient indoor climate for all guests to enjoy
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Why Swegon, in this case or other projects?

At Swegon, we previously been asked to partner up with the real estate owner Diös, as well as with Umia and VVS-konsulterna i Skellefteå. The good experiences of each others' work and products was the determinant factor to invite Swegon also this time.

We have for many years provided a number of hotel projects with solutions for ventilation, heating and cooling. Not only are we knowledgeable and skilled in regards to the actual HVAC profession, we also have deep understanding in how important a good indoor climate really is. Learn more in our recommended guides below:


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