An efficient, intelligent and sustainable complex

An efficient, intelligent and sustainable complex

A project designed for the people inside

The BBVA City building is a property of 114,000 square meters containing primarily offices and service outlets. The total area of the grounds is 252,000 square meters.

This headquarter was aimed to support strength, quality, efficiency and commitment to the environment, but above all, it waasa project designed to improve the comfort of the people inside. 

This project was provided Swegon PARASOL comfort modules and Swegon GOLD air handling units. Both these products are Eurovent certified, which turned out to be one of the decisive factors when Swegon was chosen as a supplier for this project.


Why Swegon
The Eurovent certification of Swegon's products was one of the decisive factors that helped them to obtain the project
Elias Gomez, Project Manager

A unique and different project

This headquarter and flagship of the BBVA bank is actually a complex of eight different buildings. The main building, known as La Vela or sailing, is 93 meters long and 19 floors high. However, next to La Vela are seven other horizontal buildings making up the entire property. The seven buildings are namned Oceania, Asia, Africa, Europe, Antarctica, South America and North America.


With its rotary heat exchangers, integrated control systems and advanced comfort module technology, Swegon was an important contribution to BBVA's commitment to the environment.
Elias Gomez, Project Manager

Swegon GOLD and PARASOL for a comfortable indoor climate

In terms of offices, studies show that there is a correlation between improved strategic thinking, the ability to successfully use sourced information and good air quality. Research also show that people are the most productive between the temperatures of 21-22 degrees Celsius, a temperature span that is also found to be comfortable for many.

With that said, our Swegon GOLD air handling units were provided in this project, as they are designed and developed for comfort ventilation and sophisticated energy-recovery in its rotary heat echangers.

Inside the room, Swegon PARASOL climate modules were installed, they are optimized to quickly mix the supply air with the room air and thereby improve comfort in the room. The main difference between a comfort module and a climate beam is the four way distribution which maximises the area for air mixture. Learn more about these products.


Swegon PARASOL climate modules

A good indoor climate hand in hand with energy-savings

BBVA's city headquarter has managed to reduce its energy consumption by 12% to 15% since its inauguration. That is in part thanks to the smart logic and advanced technologies of the provided products, and without compromising with the indoor air quality and/or thermal comfort.


"La Vela" is now an icon in the Madrid skyline, but could very well be an example also for a good indoor climate where people can be at their best.