Adressing complex ventilation challenges with innovative solutions

Adressing complex ventilation challenges with innovative solutions

This is the Peninsula London

The Peninsula London at 1-5 Grosvenor Place is a prestigious development located in Hyde Park Corner, London SW1. The project involves the construction of a high-quality hotel of 190 rooms as well as 26 residential apartments, along with various amenities such as shops, bars, restaurants, a ballroom, a 25m swimming pool, gym, spa treatment rooms, and more.

The residential component, known as The Peninsula Residences London, comprises 26 apartments designed by Peter Marino Architects and managed by Strutt & Parker. The project as a whole is inspired by the rich heritage of the area and aims to become one of London's most celebrated addresses.


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How to meet the challenge of limited space

The project required efficient ventilation in the hotel parts of the building as well as in and the residential areas. Ventilation was particularly important on the upper floors as they feature large glased facades which generally let in a considerable amount of heat during sunny days.

Providing air handling units to the limited spaces in this building was a challenge. The air handling units had to be of enough size to be able to meet set requirements in regards to indoor climate, but when the available floor space is limited, bulky is not making installation or future service easy.

An air handling solution that meet the requirements

Swegon were asked by Cundall & Ellmers to set up two bedroom configurations in an air distribution facility to provide as well aerodynamic as comfort testing to the relevant standards. Commissioning engineers were invited to visit Swegon’s factory in Gembloux to see the plant and the results prior to the completion of the design. 

With the challenges of space clear in mind and after the testing was completed, our Swegon GOLD RX Top air handling units were provided the project and installed in various tight, dedicated areas throughout the building.

The COMPACT LP and COMPACT TOP unit options from Swegon were initially utilised in the project, however to take advantage of new product developments throughout the additional phases, the building was completed with GLOBAL LP and CASA units to ensure that the ventilation systems met the set requirements without compromising performance.


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A sophisticated air distribution system

The grand lobby of The Peninsula London has a huge ceiling height which at the time of design required a sophisticated air distribution system to maintain comfortable temperature and air quality for guests at "floor level". To ensure a proper airflow in such a spacious area is always a complex task. The selected solution included high-capacity Swegon FLOWBAR air diffusers which were carefully positioned to ensure even introduction of fresh air.

When the construction phase was completed, Swegon was invited back to The Peninsula London to carry out comfort testing within the fully constructed rooms. We were able to demonstre the effectiveness of our air diffusers' design to achieve superior comfort conditions. This enabled a one-of-a-kind comfort report which is a powerful tool to showcase the exceptional quality of the facilities.


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To create a superior indoor climate at The Peninsula London, Swegon ensured rigorous testing was carried out throughout the execution of this prestigious project.
Matthew Linthwaite, Commercial Manager, Ellmer Construction

An essential fire safety strategy

Fire safety is paramount in any building. The installation of fire dampers and Swegon’s control package throughout the project was essential to control complex cause-and-effect scenarios in the event of a fire. Due to complexity of the project, this required meticulous planning and coordination. With a strong on-site presence and a hands-on approach, fire dampers and control systems were installed by commissioning engineers throughout, contributing to the building’s overall fire safety strategy. By working with the SRM and the wider design team, Swegon were able to develop a system for allowing the precise control and rapid response of the vast number of dampers in the building in case of a fire emergency.

Given the complexity of the project and the need to address the unique challenges, close collaboration with the design team, contractors, and installers was crucial. Effective communication and teamwork were essential aspects to ensure the seamless integration of ventilation equipment.

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Early engagement is key

The Peninsula London project exemplifies how addressing complex ventilation challenges with innovative solutions and effective collaboration can contribute to the successful completion of a high-profile development. The close collaboration now ensure both the comfort and safety of the occupants in this fantastic building in central London.

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