Room management systems

Room management systems

Our room management systems ensure a good indoor climate, which has a positive impact on well-being and performance of people in the building.

Whether it is a new-build or a renovation project, at Swegon we have the knowledge and experience to help create a good indoor climate while optimizing energy consumption. This contributes to satisfied and long-lasting tenants as well as low operating costs, maximizing the return on investment.

Every building has its own unique requirements, and solutions should be selected based on the priorities of each.


WISE is a complete and flexible system for demand control of buildings' solutions for ventilation, heating and comfort cooling. WISE is a highly developed DCV-system which guarantees an optimal indoor climate, great energy efficiency and unbeatable flexibility and user-friendliness. The system also allows wide-ranging opportunities in personalising the indoor environment, lights and sun shades may for instance be controlled by the system. 

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REACT is an adaptable solution that ensures a good indoor climate in each room, or in an entire building, and which manages a variable air flow, VAV. The product selection is based on the requirements of the indoor climate in each room, and climate products are matched with suitable accessories. Each room may function as a stand-alone unit, or can easily be integrated into a building management system. Lastly, the system allows for certain personalisation of the indoor environment.

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