When aesthetics are everything

When aesthetics are everything

The Städel Museum in Frankfurt, Germany

Founded in 1815, the Städel Museum holds 700 years’ worth of European art under one single roof, making it the oldest and perhaps most important museum foundation in Germany. Alltogheter the paitings, sculptures, photographs, drawings and prints at the Städel museum make up more than 107 760 pieces of art. 

In 2012 it was expanded by 3 000 square meters, primarily built underground. The extension was desiged by the Frankfurt architects schneider+schumacher and the extra exhibition area was intended for the presentation of the collection of contemporary art. Prior to the pandemic the Städel museum had about 600 000 visitors per year, a number that will most likely grow back in the years to come.

An indoor climate suitable for both art and visitors

Maybe known to many already, but fine art is extremely sensitive to fluctuations in temperature and humidity. Sudden or frequent changes can wreak havoc on a piece, potentially causing it to crack, swell or fall apart, not to mention the risk of mould to develop.

To protect and preserve the museum's artwork, the arcitechts needed to look for an indoor environment solution that would keep the temperature and humidity close to constant despite the ever changing outdoor weather and occupancy levels. To that, a museum needs to consider the aesthetics and not add anything that may draw the visitors attention from the beautiful art. Meaning, an indoor climate solution had to not only keep the room comfortable and the art protected, it also had to be nearly invisible.


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Sophisticated tailor-made

To meet the above demands our Swegon group company in Lingen, SLT, created a customised, slim and elegant air outlet for installation in the shadow
gap along the floor. Its height is only 32 mm and the outlet introduces supply air into the room at an angle of 45°. Thanks to the tailor-made slot diffuser's assymmetrical flow contour the product enables a persistent flow pattern even at low temperatures. This is further reinforced by using the Coanda effect within the profile contour. Walls and artwork are protected from exposure to the air beam and the "dirt edge" allows the floors to be cleaned without the risk of water running into the outlet.

A total of about 1,000 meters of active and inactive systems
were installed at Städel museum but many will never know, as the solution’s discreet design makes the diffusers melt elegantly into the rooms.

SLT, a Swegon Group company

Swegon is a market leading supplier in the field of indoor climate. We offer solutions for ventilation, heating, cooling and climate optimisation, as well as connected services and expert technical support. We have subsidiaries in and distributors all over the world and 17 production sites in Europe, North America and India.

We believe that indoor environments are as unique as the people who inhabit them and we are confident to continue on our historical path and develop our offer to create healthy and comfortable indoor enviroments for people to be at their best today, and tomorrow. Therefore, in the year of 2020 we aquired mentioned SLT in Lingen, Germany, to complement our existing wide range of supply air room units. Visit the website of SLT to learn more about our products.


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