Waterborne room units

For waterborne climate systems there are ground-breaking comfort modules, classic chilled beams and perimeter systems. Without drainage and fans, Swegon’s waterborne products require a minimum of maintenance.

The PARASOL family


The PARAGON family


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Room Unit Design

A web-based product selection program and simulation tool for basic or advanced calculations.

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SWEFLOW - A simple and straightforward app

In order to get the most out of Swegon’s products your installation must be adjusted correctly. With Sweflow you get help to adjust your air diffusers or waterborne climate system. You can use the app to find the right k-factor in the database with Swegon’s products or enter the k-factor directly in the calculator to then calculate the commissioning pressure or air flow.

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Waterborne climate systems

There are many reasons why you should choose water as the cooling or heating medium in a climate system. Water can carry about 3500 times more energy than the same volume of air and in this way provides a more efficient system that saves valuable space. 

A good indoor climate requires, besides the addition of fresh air, also the right temperature, low sound level and low air velocity in the occupied zone. It is easy to meet these demands with our comfort modules, chilled beams and perimeter climate systems.


- The properties of water as an energy carrier give the capacity to efficiently heat or cool each room as required
- A silent and comfortable indoor climate, as you avoid fans in the room
- With effective mixture of the room air, waterborne products can provide a high cooling capacity without the risk of draught.


Swegon’s waterborne products are easy to maintain and also have an adaptability that ensures that the products satisfy current and future needs.