Integrated climate beam with cooling, heating and ventilation
  • The PACIFIC is a high-performance climate beam for installation in false ceilings.
  • With high built-in flexibility, it is designed to meet today’s needs as well as those of tomorrow.
  • The modular design offers great freedom of choice for configuring its arrangement to meet current needs.
  • Supply air, cooling and heating (Water or electric heating)
  • Additional module SA/EA with extra supply air (SA) and additional extract air (EA) in the same face plate as PACIFIC.

One product in the ceiling - five different functions!

Behind the PACIFIC face plate, the SA/EA version has an extra module for supply air (SA) and/or extract air (EA). Together with cooling, heating and primary air supply this give an exceptional 5-in-1 product.

The features save money through lower investment costs and easy installation — and provide an attractive solution with the same design for several functions!

Primary air flow:Up to 75 l/s
Pressure range:30 to 150 Pa
Cooling capacity:Up to 3400 W
Heating capacity:Water: Up to 3500 WElectric: Up to 1000 W
Length:1200 / 1800 / 2400 / 3000 mm*
Width:min. 594 mm / max. 667 mm*
Height:163 mm – Ø100 mm air connection189 mm – Ø125 mm air connection277 mm – Ø160 mm air connection
 The PACIFIC is obtainable in lengths and widths that fit the majority of false ceilings available on the market.
Additional module SA/EA
Supply air flow SA:Up to 65 l/s
Cooling capacity SA:Up to 470 W
Extract air flow EA:Max 100 l/s

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