INSIDE Optimiser

Let Swegon experts take full responsibility and benefit from our in-house expertise.
  • All-encompassing service
  • Combines digital services with skilled technician support
  • Makes sure that the most suited functionality in the advanced products are used and configured correctly
  • Scheduled during seasonal transitions
  • Continuous monitoring of alarms and notifications
  • Optimised maintenance and control of comfort parameters
  • Utilizes INSIDE Analytics for proactive building care with AI-rendered forecasts.
  • Includes two annual on-site indoor climate reviews

INSIDE Optimiser is an all-encompassing service, combining our digital services with active support from a highly skilled and knowledgeable technician. This is an attractive option whether access to in-depth technical support is needed, or if there are resource constraints in an existing maintenance organisation.

INSIDE Optimiser includes two annual on-site reviews of the indoor climate in the building, normally scheduled during the seasonal transitions. The technician will also continuously monitor alarms and notifications, recommend maintenance and take control if the indoor climate fails to deliver on the parameters of comfort. By using INSIDE Analytics, the technician will utilize AI-rendered forecasts to proactively care for the building.

What can this service do for you?

  • Energy-efficiency and operating cost is kept at a minimum as the system is controlled and optimized.
  • Active support together with in-depth knowledge from our technicians allow for predictive maintenance and reduced costs.
  • Reports of operational performance, energy consumption and more, tailored to the needs of different users and stakeholders, contributes to a more sustainable indoor climate.

Care – by connecting Swegon units to our cloud based services it is possible to care for a building and to ensure a perfect indoor climate for the people inside.

Comfort – by analysing and visualising the indoor climate data gathered from sensors and AI-rendered forecasts, a comfortable and productive indoor climate is achieved.

Control – through real time notifications and active support from a skilled technician control over the HVAC solution is gained and an optimal indoor climate is created.

INSIDE Optimiser includes:

  • Active support from a highly skilled and dedicated service technician
  • Assistance at the time of commissioning or at the introduction of INSIDE Optimiser
  • Thorough support in the first 12 months to ensure set requirements are met in relation to HVAC and indoor climate
  • Two annual on-site reviews of the indoor climate in the building, incl. introduction of indoor climate to tenants
  • Continuous maintenance and attention to notifications – possible actions are discussed and decided together with the building owner
  • Well-advised recommendations of improvements to cope with energy-consumption, indoor temperatures or similar
  • Control of the water quality in hydronic systems
  • A digital dashboard that gives an overall view of the indoor climate
  • An AI-rendered tool for analysing sensor data from various indoor climate systems in the building (coming soon)

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