Our digital services are gathered under the name of Swegon INSIDE. These services allow different target groups to monitor, control and visualise compatible units in an HVAC solution, as well as the indoor climate inside a building. The INSIDE services allow for adjustments to be made to ensure a healthy and comfortable indoor environment that causes minimal strain on the environment and that improves building economics.

Why Swegon INSIDE?

  • Remote access to units and systems
  • Keep track of energy use
  • View the health status of your machines
  • Monitor the indoor environmental quality
  • Easy access to all units from one place
  • Control the room temperature from anywhere
  • Facilitates fast and efficient service

It happens inside the building

Normally a wide range of aspects are considered for better workplace efficiency or increased learning in schools, but rarely the indoor climate is considered one of those important factors. Temperatures that run too high or too low have a noticeable impact on productivity. In addition, the link between air quality and the capacity to think strategically, or learn new things, is well established through various reseach projects.

All indoor climate data available inside a building can be monitored and controlled by the means of Swegon INSIDE which, in turn, allows for a comfortable and productive indoor climate at all times.

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Reduced customer complaints

Swegon INSIDE can visualise the indoor climate through a couple of its services, such as INSIDE Visualiser and INSIDE App. These services present relevant values such as temperatures and air quality in an easily undertandable way using different icons and colors.

When the indoor climate is clearly shown to the people inside the building, a new level of understanding of the indoor environmental quality is reached. In some cases, a reduction of up to 95% of the previous complaints regarding temperature etc. have been reached, simply by visualising the otherwise invisible indoor climate.

Take control of energy consumption

Many property owners today face a major challenge in reducing energy costs while providing their tenants with a comfortable indoor climate. The first step towards energy savings is to recognise and measure the current situation.

Our digital services make it easy to visualise machine running times and energy consumption over time to detect trends and correlations with other parameters that affect consumption. The combination of our smart machines and our digital services enables major energy savings and a comfortable indoor environmental climate for the people inside the building.

What does INSIDE Ready mean?

INSIDE Ready means that the product has the capability to securely connect and deliver data to the Swegon INSIDE Cloud. In order to be INSIDE Ready, the product must have a certain hardware version, a software equal to or above a certain version and a valid product certificate. Many products in the field fits the hardware requirement and can be updated with a proper software version that allows them to download the needed certificate.

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