Monitor your Swegon products with real-time values and energy reports.
  • The plattform for all connected Swegon units
  • Real-time values from products
  • Alarm monitoring
  • Create energy reports
  • User management

Ideal for

  • Property owners
  • Real estate managers
  • Service technicians
  • Building administrators

This free platform gathers all your connected Swegon products in one place.

Monitoring of machine parameters

The most interesting values for each type of unit or system are presented with live data such as airflow, pressure and temperatures.

Information on the product's software version and a list of activated alarms are also available.

Energy reports

The INSIDE portal also has a user-friendly tool for generating and exporting energy reports. The report is generated quickly and easily as the user only needs to select the machine and time interval of interest. Energy reports can also be generated from devices that are offline by uploading a log file.

User management and access control

The INSIDE Portal serves as the central hub for our digital services, facilitating the administration of users' entry to organisations and buildings, as well as granting access to additional services like the INSIDE App.

Click here to read more about what INSIDE Ready means and which products are compatible.

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