Wall mounted outdoor inlets and outlets for fresh / exhaust air
  • Patented product
  • Fresh air without mixing fresh air with exhaust air
  • Doesn't freeze in cold climate
  • Keeps pressure in balance
  • The most economical method for building extract and supply ducts in multi-apartment buildings
  • No need for vertical ducting, which enables more building area for living
  • No fire blocks needed when the complete ventilation system is inside the apartment.
  • Minimum pressure loss with 5m/s extract velocity

Outdoor air diffuser for the intake of fresh air and the discharge of exhaust air is especially well-suited for apartment blocks and provides many advantages when planing and realising a ventilation system. Building costs decrease as no vertical ducts are required, releasing more building space for residential use. The outdoor air diffuser also works at low outdoor air temperatures.

Thanks to the discharge through the wall, the home’s exhaust duct can designed shorter and with a more free placement. This lowers building costs for the whole duct system and also improves energy efficiency. As no vertical ducts are required, more building space is released for residential use. The outdoor air diffuser CASA WGI/WGO has been developed to work together with CASA ventilation unit. They can also be adapted to different conditions and they also function at low outdoor air temperatures.

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