Want a world-class indoor climate?

If so, there’s a shortcut. Simply bring Swegon’s unique expertise and know-how on board from day one. That way, you’ll have all the benefits of the right system, the best products, dedicated support and reliability for the entire life of your build. World-class is what we do.

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Demand Control has never been easier!

Meet WISE.

WISE is a complete system comprising all the products you need for your indoor climate, including a smart control system and an intuitive user interface. With WISE, you can save time on the installation and running costs with demand-controlled climate.

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CIBSE Accredited CPD Seminars

Training and education.

Through our CPD seminars, you can learn how to approach, plan and build in the best possible way. We share knowledge in our areas of expertise to help you create great buildings!

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From start to finish - and onwards.

With years of experience, we have a unique knowledge of the entire construction process. To be able to choose the right system solution, an overall holistic perspective and deep knowledge of the building's intended function is required. In order to have the project work perfectly, it's important to pay attention to every single detail. When others specialise in one aspect, our knowledge and experience enables us to become your all-round expert.

Why Swegon?

You’re not alone.

Many people have been in your shoes, wondering “What should we do about the ventilation?”

Many thousands of them have gone on to choose Swegon products. This is why there are so many testimonials recounting how technical challenges were overcome, or how the cost of actually operating the ventilation turned out to be a pleasant surprise. These testimonials prove that we deliver on our promise – and then some!


We know what we are talking about.

Some basic knowledge is required to understand what is the right solution for different building scenarios. If you are unsure of this, our guides will help you understand which ventilation options to choose.


Last link in the chain - or first.

It is Swegon's products, that will deliver a world-class indoor climate that remains world-class for several decades. To achieve this, the products must be flexible, smart, easy to use, economical and of course of the highest quality! It is Swegon's knowledge that ensures that everything works as it should over time - or maybe even better. To ensure this, we have our world-class services team.


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