Swegon Connect

Communication unit for mobile remote access to intelligent climate systems
  • Communication unit that enables remote access via mobile connectivity, to intelligent climate products and systems
  • Design that is easy to use and navigate
  • Mobile remote connection
  • Problems can be identified and solved more rapidly
  • Reduced costs for service and maintenance
  • Built-in firewall
  • Mobile subscription included

Swegon Connect is a communication unit that enables remote access via mobile connectivity, to intelligent climate products and systems, which can facilitate monitoring, configuration, trouble shooting, service and maintenance. Swegon Connect has a number of features to make the user experience simple:

  • Map that displays where Swegon Connect is located
  • Symbols showing the status of Swegon Connect (Everything is OK, Offline, Pause and Alarms)
  • Feedback function, where you can give ratings, request new functions or other comments
  • The possibility to use your email address as user name

Examples of products that can be connected to Swegon Connect are GOLD, SuperWISE and other external equipment with its own web server. Swegon chillers and heat pumps can be accessed via SMART Link in GOLD. With the accessory Switch, Swegon Connect can connect to up to eight products.

Try Swegon Connect – the connection point for control, maintenance and monitoring! Access it directly from your web browser and test Swegon Connect’s functions and features.

Demo project

Connect to two GOLD version E air handling units with the IQLogic control system, using Swegon connect.

Adddress: http://swegonconnect.com
User name: Demo
Password: Demo1234

Connected products:
User name: local
Password: 0000

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