Reversible heat pumps, R32, 6-19 kW

Reversible heat pump for residential applications. Hermetic inverter-controlled BLDC compressor. Monoblock unit, compact and easy to install. Heating capacity range from 6 to 19 kW, five sizes available.


HP: reversible heat pump version


  • Refrigerant R32: solution with very low environmental impact (GWP=675)
  • This unit is designed to achieve the lowest noise emission levels in its category.
  • Components (compressor, fan, circulator) include DC motors for max. efficiency, both in full load conditions and in modulation mode.
  • Domestic hot water control
  • Standard anti-corrosion treatment
  • Extended envelope: LWT up to 58°C with external temperatures down to -15°C
  • Easy to install, compact in size
  • Advanced control thanks to built-in WiFi connectivity.
  • Two temperature levels managed (opt)

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Brochure (pdf 1.08MB) TAU Sky Hi HP Brochure 30/05/2024
Product Overview (pdf 16.43MB) Product Overview BlueBox 2024 Brochure 30/05/2024
Product Sheet (pdf 337.55kB) TAU Sky Hi HP Technical catalogue 30/05/2024

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