Cooker hoods

The cooker hood is the finishing touch. With stylish looks and smart features, it is an important link in the chain for good ventilation in your home.

Why CASA cooker hoods?

  • Design that elegantly blends in as a part of your modern kitchen
  • Excellent cooking odour catching capability
  • User-friendly capacitive control panel
  • Smooth surfaces that are easy to clean
  • Grease filter of stainless steel
  • Maintenance-free LED lighting
  • Intelligent balancing functions
  • Safety with SAFERA stove guard

Cooker hoods for multi-storey buildings

All Swegon CASA cooker hoods

Cooker hoods for detached houses

All Swegon Casa cooker hoods

Stove guard for CASA Smart cooker hoods

The stove guard helps to avert typical kitchen accidents by preventing the cooker from being left unsupervised while in use and cutting the power if you should forget to turn the cooker off.


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