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Waterloo Air Diffusers and Grilles

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We offer a range of Waterloo grilles and air diffusers that are quiet, free of draught and well-designed to blend in among other fittings in their surroundings. We aim to give rooms a fresh, energising indoor climate, without disturbing us in our daily life.

Swegon is bringing together all the group’s room unit brands of Waterloo, NACO and Air Diffusion under one brand identity “Waterloo by Swegon” to reflect its position as the UK’s largest manufacturer of air terminal devices. Click below to find out more...

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Our diffusers and grilles

A first-rate indoor climate is needed in order to be comfortable and feel good. Quiet, without draught and with an appearance that blends into its surroundings is precisely what our air diffusers do.

There are many factors that determine which air diffuser is right, but our extensive range makes it easy to meet the project requirements. After undergoing extensive testing our air diffusers are developed to minimise both draughts and sound while offering high flexibility to satisfy the air distribution demands. With unique designs, it is easier than ever to modify the distribution pattern and design when the surroundings change.

Swegon has air diffusers for many applications and environments and you can always count on:

- High comfort, quiet and draught-free operation!

- Easy to adapt to the usage of the premises

- Attractive design that suits different indoor environments

- High flexibility during installation and placement