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CIBSE Accredited CPD Training

View our CPD sessions. These cover a range of different topics related to HVAC and creating healthy indoor environments. All of our sessions are accredited by CIBSE and count towards your points total, as are many of our webinars.

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In-Person CPD

Do you need us to visit your office or site to deliver a CPD? Take a look at our topics below. These are CPDs that we run regularly. Register your interest to any of these sessions using the form below.

Fire Damper Specification CPD

This CIBSE accredited CPD outlines the critical need to understand and comply with tested methods when selecting, installing and using fire and fire/smoke dampers.

Damper Controls CPD

An Introduction to life safety dampers & testing. In this session we help you to understand why we control & monitor dampers and provide and introduction to the different types of damper control systems.


Smoke Control Dampers CPD

Why is smoke control is important? We explain the fundamental differences between fire and smoke control dampers and the performance classifications for smoke control dampers.

Heat Pumps CPD

An introduction to heat pump technology, understanding sustainability drivers and challenges faced with an understanding of the basic vapour compression cycle and typical installation applications based on configuration and use.

A Guide to Grilles / Diffusers and Chilled Beams

Understand the difference between waterborne and airborne units. Designing for adaptable workspaces & learn how using induction & cooled water systems can reduce operational carbon.

IEQ & Systems Training CPD

Learn about ground-breaking connectivity products that enable communication of components through several levels of the ventilation system.

Introduction to VAV CPD

Covering the basics of Variable Air Volume Systems including variable heat loads and typical air volume variations.

Demand Controlled Indoor Climate CPD

An introduction to demand controlled ventilation (DCV) solutions, which manually or automatically regulate airflow to meet the exact need at a given time. Understand the impact on health, wellbeing and economics.

R290 (Propane) Refrigerant – The Natural Selection

Propane, first used as a refrigerant over a century ago, has made a comeback as the hottest new refrigerant candidate. It is ozone layer safe, has negligible impact on global warming, and has excellent thermodynamic properties.

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