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Sustainability at Swegon

"Sustainability is a key enabler for Swegon to be successful - today and tomorrow."
Andreas Örje Wellstam, Swegon Group CEO

We take what we do seriously because our solutions have a direct and indirect impact on the people and the environment around us.

As our indoor climate solutions take the entire picture into consideration to create productive and healthy indoor environments, it feels natural for us to do the same when working with sustainability.

We are partners for indoor environment solutions that work exactly as desired

We add value from project start to finish, and beyond.

Therefore, in order to deliver even more value to our customers and other stakeholders, it is our ambition to engage in and incorporate further sustainable business practices.

This means that we are dedicated to a transparent communication concerning our ambitions, targets, actions and performance. Yet, we are aware that we are not where we want to be. Therefore, we aim to continuously update and inform about our progress while we keep a constructive exchange with our internal and external stakeholders.