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Technical services

Technical services

To mitigate the risk of expensive and time consuming mistakes, and ensure environmentally conscious decisions, our Swegon specialists offer invaluable expertise throughout all phases of a project – from installation and commissioning to continuous operation and the entire life span of an indoor climate solution. Based on the outset of a project, our experts are happy to share their knowledge as well as to give recommendations. We boast a network of qualified engineers and technicians proficient in commissioning and repairs, maintenance and optimisation of systems for ventilation, heating and cooling (HVAC). We also offer a wide range of spare parts, to both old and new products, which allows us to quickly provide components and accessories to your project.


We know our products inside and out. Our deep understanding of their technology means that we can provide highly qualified installation and commissioning support. Our commissioning services for air handling units, chillers, heat pumps and room units are offered by our reliable and efficient experts at Swegon. Beyond new product setups, our support personnel provide seasonal commissioning services to ensure year round efficiency, even in extreme temperatures.

Maintenance, service and optimisation

Our commitment to customer needs extends far beyond the initial product sale. Swegon boasts a dedicated organisation as the main point of contact for expert maintenance services that ensure an optimal performance of the ventilation, heating and cooling solution on site. Our network of skilled personnel includes in-house technicians and specialised service contractors, capable of diagnosing and repairing systems to maintain peak operation.

Spare parts

A well-maintained HVAC solution is key to provide healthy and comfortable indoor environments in buildings. At Swegon, we offer a comprehensive selection of spare parts and components. Ranging from filters and belts to pumps and motors, our spare parts ensure a continuously efficient operation of any ventilation, heating, and cooling solution from us. Time sensitivity is paramount, and our local service engineers are equipped with the training and knowledge to proptly provide on-site support.

Examples of our services

Just a handful of examples that demonstrate the capability of our Nationwide field service engineering team can be provide.

A level up from maintenance and spare parts - RE:3

From a sustainability perspective, maintenance and spare parts are key to ensure a long service life. However, complementary to the everyday technical services offering, Swegon has entered a new level of sustainability with the RE:3 concept. It is based on three key circularity principles - RE:duce, RE:use and RE:vitalise – all focusing on reducing the embodied carbon footprint of our products.

In the context of technical services, RE:vitalise is closely related, but takes a leap beyond regular maintenance and repairs as products are updated both in terms of components and software, enabling new functionality and adding a projected 10-20 extra years of operational life. Yes, this is done with the product on-site, just like routine maintenance, but when a product is revitalised, the need for a new one is significantly postponed.


See our re:3 concept here

Digital services to be an expert

The know-how and expertise found at Swegon is shortly presented above, in addition we have developed a range of services under the name of Swegon INSIDE. These are targeted at building technicians, property managers, plant supervisors and the like, in order for them to be their own experts. Each INSIDE service is carefully designed to help understand and proactively monitor and control one or more indoor climate systems, making it easy to care for a building and ensure an energy efficient and reliable operation.

In addition, the INSIDE services are developed to enable people inside a building to visualise and adjust the indoor climate to a comfortable level that allow them to be at their best today and tomorrow.


Energy efficiency 

Energy today is an immediate question of cost and supply, at the same time, global and local sustainability targets are set to a record high. For us at Swegon, energy efficiency has been top of mind for decades and we know that we can make proven and verified recommendations for reduced energy consumption in relation to ventilation, heating and cooling (HVAC). Our energy efficiency guide gathers practical tips as well as important considerations for how to achieve ambitious energy targets both in the short and long term.  


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