Environmental Product Declarations

Environmental Product Declarations

Among the major HVAC suppliers in Europe, Swegon is at the forefront of disclosing environmental impacts of its products in the most robust and transparent way.

By delivering Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) based on Swegon specific lifecycle assessments (LCA), we can differentiate and specify environmental impacts in comparison to alternative products or generic data.

Current coverage and scope

We currently cover multiple products and product families like sound attenuators, comfort modules, ceiling diffusers, commissioning boxes within our room unit product range.

For these product types, the most relevant life cycle modules such as production, construction and end-of-life stages are included.

Environmental impacts stated by the EPDs reflect the conditions within Sweden, Norway, Finland. The application in other countries impact the environmental impacts mainly through different transport and end-of-life scenarios.

Customer benefits

EPDs are credible reference points for comparisons between the environmental impacts of alternative products.

Our customers such as property owners, developers, architects, or contractors receive reliable EPD documentation in order to score additional points within major green building certifications like BREEAM, LEED, DGNB.

Given this data, the choice of ventilation products takes on a new level of importance. Learn more context in our blog article about “How HVAC suppliers can benefit from conducting lifecycle assessments”.


These new insights gained from LCA enable our product development and R&D departments to improve decision-making when choosing materials, energy sources and production processes.

Disclosing environmental performance of initially four major room unit products is only the beginning for Swegon.

Room unit products with EPD documentation

Residential products with EPD documentation


Air handling units with EPD documentation