Environmental Product Declarations

Among the major HVAC suppliers in Europe, Swegon is at the forefront of disclosing environmental impacts of its products in the most robust and transparent way.

By delivering Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) based on Swegon specific lifecycle assessments (LCA), we can differentiate and specify environmental impacts in comparison to alternative products or generic data.

More about our EPDs

All Swegon EPDs are published on EPD International and are verified by Bureau Veritas, an accredited third party. Our EPDs have annual accredited third party surveillances to ensure credibility of the EPD.

Swegon has currently EPDs on room unit products, residential products as well as air handing units. Please find the EPDs and more information within each product range below.


Customer benefits

EPDs are credible reference points for comparisons between the environmental impacts of alternative products of the same product category rule (PCR).

Property owners, developers, architects, and contractors use EPDs as guidance when making decisions for green building projects. Depending on the type of EPD and type of building certification, it is possible to score additional points within major green building certifications like BREEAM, LEED and DGNB.

Using EPDs makes it easier to choose products based on reliable environmental impact data. Learn more in our experts' two blog posts below, or in the Eurovent board interview.

Room unit products with EPD documentation

We currently cover multiple products and product families within our Room unit and Air distribution product range. More products, sizes and configurations will be added continuously.

Residential products with EPD documentation


Air handling units with EPD documentation

Our GOLD/SILVER C range is first in line within air handling units. The EPDs cover most of our range with rotary heat exchangers (RX) but additional sizes and configurations will follow.