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Architecturally designed high capacity linear slot diffuser
  • Suitable for either ceiling or sidewall applications
  • High throw model is designed for ceiling applications
  • manufactured entirely from heavy wall extruded aluminium

FLOWBAR is an architecturally designed high capacity linear slot diffuser. The flexibility of the system can blend into a design or provide contrast with its striking but simple design.

The FlOWBAR HT series is primarily designed for ceiling applications and allows the air diffuser to become inconspicuous, whilst fully integrating into the ceiling system. Integral pattern controllers are 600mm in length, allowing the airstream to be directed left and right for horizontal and vertical airflow.


The FLOWBAR system satisfies the requirements for designing an air distribution system that will maintain optimum room air conditions whilst becoming an integral component of the architectural concept of the project. In hard ceiling applications, a totally hidden appearance can be achieved with only a small slot opening.


FLOWBAR is also loved by engineers and installers because it's not just a product that's easy to install; it's remarkably efficient and able to cope with unbelievable air volumes for such a small carbon footprint.


FLOWBAR can be configured to your specification - we are able to curve FLOWBAR for a truly unique design. In addition, we are able to offer many other options and variants that include various end caps, end borders and mitred corners for ceiling and wall mounts.