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Famous on the outside – world-class on the inside

30 St Mary Axe

The famous Gherkin skyscraper was officially opened in 2004. It is a spectacular structure, built of steel and glass, 194 metres tall with 40 storeys and 48,000 m2 of floor space. This imposing tower was designed by Norman Foster and built by Skanska. It is the first environmentally sustainable skyscraper in London.

The most ingenious and elegant new skyscraper built anywhere in the world for at least 30 years
Wall Street Journal

Extraordinary project – extraordinary requirements

The whole of the imposing structure was created to be energy-efficient and incorporates a range of solutions designed to reduce its energy consumption. For example, six glazed ventilation shafts lead warm air out of the building in the summer and heat the building in the winter. The shafts also make the rooms feel more comfortable and reduce the need for artificial lighting.

When only the best will do

Swegon recommended decentralised ventilation units instead of a large system to create the right indoor climate. This means reduced costs and greater efficiency. The smaller GOLD air handling units were chosen as they could be concealed in the ceilings, thereby saving on the cost of special fan rooms. Moreover, the units have an extremely low sound level, are more energy-efficient than other units and make it easier to set temperatures, air flows and operating times to adapt the system to the tenants.

London’s greenest landmark

The choice of Swegon’s GOLD system brought economic and environmental payoffs.

The indoor climate of 30 St Mary Axe provides the highest comfort level and the building’s total power consumption is approximately 50% less than that of a standard office of a similar size.


Some of the products used in 30 St Mary Axe, London.