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Our research papers can help you to give insight into a number of different topics with regards to indoor environmental quality and the HVAC system.


Learn more about schools and their indoor climate

Our education whitepaper brings together decades of scientific research and demonstrates the importance of having an optimal indoor environment for students to maximise their potential.



How can humidity be measured and controlled in the HVAC system?

Humidity is a crucial factor in a lot of areas - from agriculture, construction, manufacturing, transportation, and also heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVACR). Humidity affects people, properties and materials and water vapour is a key factor in weather and climate.


Indoor Climate Guide

HVAC-basics in our extensive Technical indoor climate guide

Many of us at Swegon, and quite a few external stakeholders, enjoy and use our Technical indoor climate guide to get the HVAC basics in a fairly straight-forward way. Even though the physical laws of air and water, the ventilation principles or the fundamentals of temperature have not changed over time, a review and update of the guide has recently been completed.