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Nozzle diffusers

The advantages of nozzle diffusers are many! They are flexible and provide good and quick mixture. With its flexibility the nozzle diffuser is a good investment both for the future - by being adaptable when the conditions in a room change, but also an investment in the indoor climate.

Nozzle diffusers have a large number of nozzles that the air passes through. This creates a number of air jets, which promotes good and rapid air mixture, making the nozzle diffusers particularly suitable for cooled air.

  • Installation flexibility, short and long throw lengths can be obtained.
  • Both vertical and horizontal distribution patterns can be obtained.
  • One of the purposes of the nozzle design is to achieve maximum induction effect, and to obtain 90 degree horizontal ceiling discharge and thereby making full use of the coanda effect. This is especially important for variable flows.
  • Set distribution pattern gives a very stable and sharply defined distribution pattern. If you have e.g. set a 2-way corner, you can be sure to get it exactly.

The nozzle diffuser gives flexibility through adaptability - just turn the nozzles for the required distribution pattern! This is a great advantage when renovations are made or when the conditions in a room change.


Our nozzle diffuser permits an infinite number of different distribution patterns as each individual nozzle can be rotated. However, depending on a number of factors, for example heating/cooling cases, number of diffusers, furnishing and obstacles the suitability of different distribution patterns may vary. Therefore we illustrate below the most common distribution patterns and when it is best to use each distribution pattern. For example, do you need to place a diffuser close to a wall? Then look at distribution pattern 1-way which is perfect for this.

See the large and varying possibilities with Swegon’s nozzle diffusers!

Swegon’s nozzle diffuser as standard comes with distribution pattern “clockwise swirl” which is suitable for many different environments. The abbreviations that appear in brackets in the videos are designations for the distribution patterns.

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Clock-wise swirl (RO)

Standard distribution pattern that is suitable for several environments

Why use Swegon’s nozzle diffusers?

Today, an increasing degree of flexibility is needed in the design of buildings. It is then important with products that are designed to meet these requirements. With Swegon’s nozzle diffusers, the nozzle settings can be changed after installation without affecting the facility in general. The flow and pressure of the nozzle diffuser are not affected and thus new commissioning is not necessary, which saves both time and money.

Swegon’s nozzle diffusers have been used in a large number of projects, and can be found, among others, at IKEA in Malmö. Here we supplied EAGLE Ceiling together with ALS, our commissioning box for ceiling diffusers.

IKEA Malmö is the world’s 3rd largest IKEA department store with an area of 44,000 m2.

We know nozzles!

Swegon’s first ceiling diffuser with nozzles was launched in 1993 and up until today we have delivered 1.8 million nozzle diffusers. We work continuously with the development of our nozzle diffusers at our R&D centre in Tomelilla, Sweden, and for our ceiling diffusers we now have 2 different nozzle types:

COLIBRI nozzle: Gives a good mixture at low air flow rates and cooling cases

EAGLE nozzle: High capacity combined with fast induction with its two “lips”

Our nozzle diffusers