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Industrial premises

The particular indoor climate requirements for industrial premises are quite different to those for commercial premises. Because industrial premises often contain multifaceted workstations, clearly optimum ventilation is required.

Changing needs for heating and cooling

In terms of temperature, needs may be seasonal, but heating is still typically needed at night and in the morning, with daytime cooling. The premises are often high-floorage with high ceilings, which also has to be taken into account.

The ventilation is adapted to work shifts and staffing

Unmanned industrial premises are ventilated with 100% recirculated air, and are heated only when required. In manned premises, 100% recirculated air is used before the shift, and is followed by morning adjustment when the temperature is raised to the required value. During the shift, the ventilation flow is scaled to match. If the need for heating arises, the system triggers a heating boost, and the opposite for cooling.

Choose a high quality air handling unit and air diffuser

A high quality air handling unit and air diffuser will be capable of meeting your requirements for appropriate ventilation with great efficiency. For premium performance, it is also important to ensure that the supply air diffuser is configured to supply either heated or cooled air.

The ideal air handling unit supplies air, heating and cooling, and features built-in control equipment. For energy-efficiency and effective heating at night and in the early morning, the unit should also be fitted with recirculated air dampers.