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Adjustable duct grilles for the supply / extract application
  • 50 l/s – 850 l/s
  • 2 configurations
  • Mounting – Duct
  • Tapered to match circular & oval galvanised steel ducts
  • Duct sizes 125 – 1500
  • Mounting gasket
  • Adjustable blades
  • Opposed blade damper option

RV is designed to fit directly onto the side of an exposed circular duct without the need for a stub duct or transition piece. The flange is supplied complete with a foam sealing gasket on all 4 sides.

These units can be provided with either a single row of vertical blades, or a set of vertical blades at the front and a set of horizontal blades at the rear. There are a range of sizes for each grille to suit ducts from Ø125 - Ø1500. Each grille can be supplied with an aluminium opposed blade damper if required.