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Fan filter units

Fan filter units

While used for a variety of critical clean air applications, the MAC 10® line of Fan Filter Units (FFUs) are ideal cleanroom solutions for the worldwide industrial market. The FFU design — a fan, motor, and filtration system all in a single unit — draws air into the unit via the filtration system and exhausts it across the filter face, supplying particle-free, laminar airflow to the room. Renowned for their ease of installation and operation, the MAC 10® line of FFUs offer low energy consumption, low sound levels, and a low profile.

Why use a fan filter unit for your cleanroom?

Energy efficient

A clean room can be up to 50 times more energy intensive than an office building because of the several hundred air changes per hour required for Class ISO 5 rooms and above, alongside the associated air filtration and conditioning. The energy cost of HVAC equipment typically represents more than 50% of the total amount of energy used by a clean room.

Simple & cost effective

The technology is undeniably simple. The attraction of this simplicity of operation and installation is compelling. So too are the significant additional benefits the FFU provides - it offers a low capital cost, low noise filtration solution which is easy to service and maintain.

Under control

A quality control solution is important for maximising the efficiency, optimising maintainance and minimising energy costs in any clean room.

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