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Energy saving comfort module for demand-controlled ventilation
  • Comfort module for demand-controlled indoor climate.
  • Equipped with control equipment for stand-alone or connectable to BMS via ModBUS
  • Complete product with integrated damper for variable air flow control 0-100%.
  • Energy-efficient operation since the room is ventilated, heated and cooled exactly as called for by the load, neither more or less.
  • Highest possible comfort with provision for individual control on a product or room level.
  • 4-way air distribution and Swegon's ADC (Anti Draught Control) provide maximum comfort and flexibility, both today and for future needs.
  • Large working range in one and the same product for easier design.
  • Standard colour White RAL 9003
    • 5 alternative standard colours
    • Other colours upon request
VariantSupply airPerformance
SizeAir connection:Pa*l/sm³/hTotal cooling capacity (W)**Sound level (dB(A))
600Ø 12575207249326
600Ø 12575259056428
600Ø 125753010863130
600Ø 16075259056627
600Ø 160753512669730
600Ø 160754516280933
1200Ø 12575259088226
1200Ø 1257535126107728
1200Ø 1257545162121830
1200Ø 160753010890023
1200Ø 1607560216137528
1200Ø 1607580288159134
1800Ø 2007560216159030
1800Ø 2007580288189033
1800Ø 20075100360213535
* Total pressure duct (Pa)
** Air: ΔTl=7K / Water: ΔTmk=8.5K, twater=14/17°C