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Versatile compact fan filtration unit
  • 0.37kW brushless EC motor
  • HEPA (H13) filter
  • 250 Pa of external static capability (ESP) at 0.45m/s, backward curved centrifugal fan (except 600mm x 600mm)
  • Walkable plenum
  • Available in 600 x 1210mm, 585 x 1185mm, 600 x 905mm, 1210 x 1210mm and custom sizes
  • CE Marked (230V) units
  • Mill finished aluminium exterior
  • Universal Card - a hybrid card which offers manual control, 0-10V remote control and Modbus┬« network control

The MAC 10® LEDC, features the most control options and the most versatile control system available on the market today. This second generation unit meets the needs of clean room users by offering a quiet, compact filtration unit at a market leading low power consumption level to ensure lower clean room operating costs at a time of increasing utility costs.