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Intelligent Fan Filter Unit with microcomputer controlled EC motor
  • 0.37kW brushless EC motor
  • Universal Card - a hybrid card which offers manual control, 0-10V remote control and Modbus® network control
  • Energy efficient FFU with low power consumption (105W)
  • Quiet operation at 51 dB(A)
  • HEPA (H13) filter
  • 150Pa of External Static Capability (ESP) at 0.45m/s
  • Forward-inclined centrifugal type fan
  • Walkable Plenum (excluding pre-filter)
  • Pre-filter (406 x 591 x 13mm)
  • 230V CE units stocked extensively in Hamburg
  • Aluminium casing

The MAC 10® IQ was the world’s first intelligent Fan Filter Unit. With its microcomputer controlled EC motor, the MAC 10® IQ adjusts itself automatically to maintain the desired airflow, compensating for changes in static pressure, filter loading or other local conditions.

Available options

  • Room-Side Replacement (RSR) filter with gel seal filter (RSR/RSRE units)
  • Controls: Console and PLC options are available for stand alone or integrated
  • BMS network control
  • ULPA (U15) filters
  • 9.53mm Challenge Port: Convenient filter and static pressure ports on RSR and RSRE
  • 585 x 585mm, 600 x 600mm, 585 x 885mm, 600 x 905mm, 585 x 1185mm, 600 x 1210mm and custom sizes available

It is competitively priced, compact (365mm) and operates quietly and efficiently (105W), all benchmarks of the MAC 10® FFU range. The MAC 10® IQ maintains airflow so constantly and consistently that the need for future balancing is greatly reduced. It is an ideal choice for close control environments, customised LAF benches, mini-environments and non-ducted applications.