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'A' Class Vertical Blade Storm Louvre
  • Aluminium construction
  • Intake or exhaust application
  • Vertical blades
  • 58% free area
  • A2 @ 3.5m/s
  • Cd coefficient 0.364
  • Extreamly high performance weather louvre

The Louvre SLV-S is part of our advanced storm louvre range for use when minimal water ingress is important, i.e data centres, coastal / offshore locations, sub-stations or areas that contain water sensitive equipment.

The SLV-S is a vertical blade louvre with exceptional resistance to wind driven rain. The carefully researched profile captures & diverts water particles even under the most extreme weather conditions.

We recommend you use this product when superior class leading weather performance & aerodynamic properties are required. Giving class A performance at higher velocities will allow efficient louvre sizing.