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Balancing Damper
  • Manual control
  • New handle has the facility to fit an anti tamper locking screw
  • Extended bracket for standard or 50mm insulated ductwork
  • Common casing depth of 200mm
  • Eurovent duct sizes: 100-355mm dia
  • Stock Item
  • Casing leakage conforms to HVCA ductwork specification
  • DW144 Class C up to 1000Pa
  • Damper spigots conform to BSEN1506

Actionair Circulair Air Balancing Dampers comprise of a single 1.2mm galvanised steel blade housed within a 0.8mm galvanised steel casing.

The Manual Control will be suitable for uninsulated and insulated ductwork up to 50mm and have the facility to fit an anti-tamper locking screw.