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CASA Swing

Island cooker hood for ventilation units and roof fans
  • Cooker hood for CASA Smart and Genius air handling units and external roof fans
  • Elegant cooker hood with good cooking odour extracting capability. 75 %, 46 l/s, 165 m³/h.
  • Can be installed on a wall or over the kitchen island.
  • Stainless steel
  • 600 and 900 mm, for installation on a wall
  • 900 mm, for kitchen island

CASA SWING - can be used with Swegon CASA Smart and Genius ventilation units or external roof fans.

CASA SWING removes cooking fumes outside of the building. It also removes excessive heat and humidity unlike the recirculating kitchen hoods. High odour catching capacity enables efficient fume removal with lower airflows resulting to lower energy consumption, with less pressure difference and lower noise.

When connected to a ventilation unit it uses the fan in the ventilation unit. Therefore there is no need for a separate fan or exhaust ducting for the kitchen hood. This is also creates less sound in the kitchen compared to hoods that have fan inside of them. The ventilation mode can be controlled from the cooker hood (home/away/boost) and the ventilation unit automatically compensates for the extracted cooking air preventing negative pressure from occurring in the home. It is also possible to control an older AC ventilation unit using the ITFC transformer available as an accessory.

Cooker hood can also be connected to a separate roof fan, which is the most silent option for the users. It can be directly connected to external EC-fans and to older AC fans with a separate ITFC transformer.

CASA SWING can be mounted on a wall or over the kitchen island.