INSIDE Director

The complete platform for all building installations with smart data analysis tools.
  • Centralized control of all Swegon units
  • Compare buildings' energy efficiency
  • AI-optimised heat control
  • Receive notifications and alerts
  • Customized reports for operational performance and energy consumption
  • Easy and intuitive user interface

Ideal for

  • Property owners
  • Service technicians
  • Property managers
  • Plant supervisors

All installations in the property can be monitored and controlled using INSIDE Director. A user with an active account can access a full inventory of all the building's installations and use various options to receive notifications and alerts. In addition, reports of e.g. operational performance and energy consumption can be tailored to the needs of different users and stakeholders.

INSIDE Director is designed for building technicians, property managers and plant supervisors and as a reliable support tool to make building care easy.

Monitoring, alarms & notification

Receiving immediate alarms from the building and its critical systems is vital in order to prevent damage, avoid unnecessary energy consumption and gain control over the whole property portfolio.

In Director, users can configure alarms from all systems in one place. The alarms are easily configured using threshold values where alarm levels and periods are determined flexibly per sensor.

The alarm is sent via SMS and or/email.

The alarm statistics can be followed up in reports and dashboards, This is a good way to identify correlations early on and prevent future breakdowns and failures.

Energy visualization & analysis

Managing a sustainable and efficient building requires a smart overview and understanding of energy consumption patterns over time. In INSIDE Director, the user can see energy statistics for the whole portfolio, per building, per building and m2, per day, week, month or year.

This makes distinguishing which building stands out negatively easy. These are often best to start analysing and taking action on. It is equally easy to identitify which are performing well and what can be learned from previous actions.

The ability to compare buildings with each other contributes to even greater understanding as it shows how measures have affected consumption patterns.


Reports are easily set up for different types of users, both for those who have access to the system, but also for those who just want a report and nothing else.

The reports are based on a standard template where the user customises the content by selecting sensors from any building. In this way, the reports can be customised according to recipient and role.

A technician may want daily reports from a selection of parameters from a few "problem buildings" while a property manager wants monthly reports on energy consumption.

The reports are automatically sent to selected recipients on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. It is also possible to create an instant report that can be downloaded directly.

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