Visualise the room's air quality and set the temperature directly from the phone.
  • Connected to the WISE system
  • Adjust the temperature at room level
  • Eco mode function for smarter energy use
  • Visualise the level of VOCs, CO2 and relative humidity
  • Get tips on how to improve air quality
  • Replaces physical setpoint devices
  • Supports iOS and Android

What is INSIDE App?

The INSIDE App from Swegon is an additional service to our Swegon WISE system for a demand-controlled indoor climate. The app gives a view of the current indoor climate by visualising a set of parameters, e.g. temperature and air quality. People inside the building with access to the app have the possibility of making temperature adjustments, within a predecided span of a few degrees set in the WISE system.

Tailor-made temperatures

The temperature we prefer at home or in the office is highly individual and there is no specific temperature that makes everyone satisfied. Therefore it is not an optimal solution to set the same temperature for an entire office space. The Swegon INSIDE App allows users to easily adjust the temperature of their room without upsetting the colleague in the next room. The app is easy to manoeuvre and can be used from anywhere. However, a registered presence in the room is required for the temperature change to be triggered.

Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) ratings

To assure the user that they are surrounded by healthy air, the app shows the status of various parameters such as CO2, VOC and humidity. The values for each parameter is presented by clear keyword that indicates if the value is healthy or not. Click on the parameter to read more information about it, see the thresholds and receive advice on how to improve the IEQ. The range of parameters to be shown in the app is depending on which types of sensors that are installed in the room.

Eco mode

Thanks to the smart Eco mode setting, property owners can save energy without compromising the air quality in the office space.

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