Multifunctional monitoring system

Blueye® is the supervision system by Bluebox that allows several function and advantages

  • Blueye® can record in the cloud up to 3 months of parameters and graphs with which the client of Service center can create reports and analyse improvement and anticipate potential failures
  • For Multiple chiller installation, one Blueye® in one unit can monitor up to 32 Units
  • Blueye® does not monitor only Bluebox units, but can monitor also Pumps, Energy meters, valves…as long as they can be connected via Ethernet/RS4585
  • Blueye® can be supplied loose for exhisting installation or mounted in the unit and preset in the factory

Blueye® Main Features:

  • Customer has access to data through cloud.
  • Communication between Blueye®’s hardware and units happens through RS485 Modbus RTU or Ethernet TCP/IP.
  • Communication between Blueye®’s hardware and cloud happens through a 2G/3G network (data sim not supplied) or the Web (Ethernet TCP/IP).
  • Up to 30 variables for each unit/device
  • Up to 5 devices for each Blueye®
  • Reading intervals up to 5 seconds
  • Data storage on cloud up to 3 months (data can be automatic sent to the user in different kind of format like csv)
  • Full configurable information to the user, like alarms, warnings, reports.
  • App on Android and iOS available on Google Play and AppStore.

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