WISE for property owners

WISE for property owners

Perfect indoor climate for the lowest energy consumption

The basic purpose of WISE is to adjust the indoor climate to exactly the level required. It ventilates, cools and heats neither too much – which costs energy – nor too little – which adversely affects comfort, but only as much as is needed. With WISE, high energy efficiency, optimisation of operations, the ideal indoor climate and a full overview of the whole system are combined.​

Regardless of whether you are building a new property or renovating an existing one, Swegon can help to ensure the property’s indoor climate while at the same time optimising energy consumption to achieve a more sustainable property. Read more about WISE and sustainability here.

Satisfied tenants

WISE delivers the perfect indoor climate, which has a significant positive impact on both well-being and performance. Satisfied tenants also make fewer complaints, e.g. about the temperature. If any complaints are made, it’s easy to follow up exactly what the conditions were in the room at the time – and take action if necessary. Using WISE, the property manager doesn’t even need to be on site. Swegon offers a range of digital services in which products’ and properties’ data can be visualised and managed. Read more about our digital services here.​

​WISE contributes to a good net operating income, satisfied and healthy tenants who stay for a long time, as well as the maximum return on investments in respect of leasehold occupancy and income per m2.

Swegon has supplied and installed more than 900 WISE systems.

Reliable operation

The WISE system comprises room products for both air and waterborne climate systems, all the requisite control equipment, as well as room units and sensors. All this is linked together to form an entirety via a unique patented system for wireless communication. Unique in terms of reliability and simplicity in operation.

​Adaptable and future-proof

It’s a fact of life that tenants do not stay forever. In this event, it’s important for the new tenant to be able to move in as quickly as possible, to reduce the period without income. Some form of adaptation work for the new tenant is often required. Using WISE, the process for changing the operation of and converting a property is not a problem! The products in the WISE system can easily change function or room association as required. With their wireless communication, there is no need for complicated and costly rerouting of communication cabling. All to make the building as future-proof as possible, with the least possible climate footprint during both operation and reconstructions.

Gathered data provides added value in properties

WISE has been developed to be integrated with overlying systems and is able to communicate e.g. via open APIs.​

​In today’s properties, a number of systems are often installed that continuously collect a great deal of valuable data about how the property is used. This may include, for example, details about which rooms have been used during the last twenty-four hours to optimise cleaning, or information about how the use of the premises can be controlled to save energy. ​

​By selecting WISE for the indoor climate, the property is prepared to supply data for all the smart functions that are present or that need to be developed in the property. All the data that WISE gathers helps to create added value in the property. This may relate to applications for monitoring and optimising the property or individual control of the indoor climate – you are only limited by your imagination!

"We have had very few climate issues since we started using WISE at LINK Business Center in Linköping. Our property houses a number of tenants in an area measuring 13,500 m2 – it’s almost unbelievable there have been so few complaints. We are incredibly satisfied!"

Daniel Fäldt, Installation Manager, Lundbergs Fastigheter​

Property value and net operating income

​WISE provides the perfect conditions for good net operating income, satisfied tenants and an effective investment. With WISE, there is also great potential to achieve high levels in certification programmes such as WELL, LEED and BREEAM. ​

See some of our reference projects, where WISE contributes to major improvements in energy efficiency in existing properties:​

In this office building, the heating demand was reduced by 75% compared to average office buildings.​

​In this school, an incredible 70% energy saving was achieved.

Why is the indoor climate important in a property?

Swegon are experts when it comes to indoor climate, and we have developed the WISE system on the basis of this expertise. With the WISE system, you achieve an optimised indoor climate (IEQ) with extremely low energy consumption. ​

​In order for the indoor climate to be perceived as pleasant, a number of factors come into play:​

  • Air quality​
  • Thermal climate​
  • Relative humidity​
  • Air speed​
  • Acoustic environment​
  • Light​

​Systems for indoor climate and ventilation impact on most of these factors, which makes it important to bear this in mind when planning your property. Studies also show that around one in three people experience a negative impact on their health caused by the indoor climate at work, where the temperature and ventilation are given as the most common factors. A good indoor climate can both reduce absence due to illness, increase productivity and get staff to stay longer. All in all, this generates enormous value, which is usually overlooked in the cost calculations of a property.​


​WISE is a flexible and scalable system. The system can be adapted to meet different properties’ needs, sizes and requirements, even when these needs vary over time.​

It is also possible to add a number of digital services. Swegon INSIDE is the collective name for our digital services, which both visualise the indoor climate in a property and facilitate subsequent follow-up and optimisation. These services combine knowledge about the indoor climate and large amounts of data, jointly providing an opportunity to monitor and adapt the indoor climate across an entire property portfolio.


Complete supplier of WISE

With the WISE system, Swegon becomes a complete supplier of the indoor climate. Working with Swegon as a complete supplier offers many advantages. The risk of coordination problems during both the planning and the building work is kept to a minimum. As the owner or orderer of a WISE system, the system will be designed to meet specific requirements, and is commissioned, documented and coordinated with other installations in the best way possible.

Read more about Swegon as a complete supplier of WISE