Room management systems

Did you know that on average we spend 87% of our time indoors? And that we inhale about 15 kg of air per day? To ensure a pleasant indoor climate, multiple factors such as air quality, thermical climate, air humidity, air speed, sound, and lighting must be taken into consideration. An effective room management system can significantly impact these factors.

Every building has its own unique requirements, and solutions should be selected based on the priorities of each


REACT is an adaptable solution that ensures a good indoor climate in each room, or in an entire building, and which manages a variable air flow, VAV. The product selection is based on the requirements of the indoor climate in each room, and climate products are matched with suitable accessories. Each room may function as a stand-alone unit, or can easily be integrated into a building management system. Lastly, the system allows for certain personalisation of the indoor environment.

Air diffusers, comfort modules and dampers are all included in the REACT family. The products are equipped with an integrated solution for VAV and may very well be combined with accessories to measure and control the indoor climate in each room.

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With Swegon’s WISE system, you have full control over all the factors that affect comfort, performance and health. The complete solution for demand control of building systems for ventilation, heating and comfort cooling adapts the indoor climate to precisely the level required. This is possible through measuring and regulating based, among others, on occupancy, air quality and temperature. When people are in the premises, WISE ensures a good indoor climate, while energy can be saved when no one is there.

WISE provides maximum freedom to create the best combinations of products for each individual room. Instead of starting off with a number of components and trying to make these into a system, you create the system and choose products based on the need in each room and zone.

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