Swegon ESBO

Energy and power demand calculation for all phases of the project.

Complete support throughout the whole project

ESBO is the Swegon System Software that helps you from the early stages of the design process, all the way through your project. In a few minutes Swegon ESBO calculates the capacity and annual energy costs.

Swegon ESBO will aid you during the whole process, from project planning through to the finished building, supporting you to deliver the best indoor climate. The software helps you to handle all factors surrounding the project such as climate conditions, customer demands, energy requirements, legislations etc.

Swegon ESBO is available in two versions, one free and one paid full version. In the full version it is possible to calculate several rooms simultaneously in order to facilitate product selection, designing and sizing.

Generic air handling units and heat pumps are available to be used when calculating.

Swegon ESBO was nominated for the Major Indoor climate prize 2015.

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  • Capacity-, energy- and temperature calculations
  • 3700 cities / 155 countries
  • Compare air- with waterborne systems
  • Compare CAV with DCV systems
  • System calculations based on various energy sources
  • Room templates facilitate calculations
  • Calculate comfort and annual energy costs

The BIM Import add-on module enables the import of 3D CAD models directly into ESBO through the independent IFC (“Industry Foundation Classes”) format, and the result can then be exported back to the CAD tool.

The IFC format, which is usually used for BIM models (Building Information Modelling), includes geometry (walls, ceilings, windows and doors), as well as a set of properties for walls and materials. All leading CAD tools such as ArchiCAD, AutoCAD Architecture, Autodesk Revit, Bentley Architecture, DDS CAD, MagiCAD, Plancal Nova etc. can export to IFC-format. In principle all CAD tools that can export IFC files with “spaces” and “space boundaries” are supported in ESBO.


Make advanced daylight calculations through a direct connection to the daylight simulation tool Radiance™. Simple configuration, simulation and result reporting, all directly in ESBO.

Calculation of daylight factor and illuminance, with and without sun protection. Selection of sky model including CIE standard sky model and Perez climate based sky model. Full control of Radiance parameters, measurement plane and resolution.

Select the version as required

Compare ESBO Light with the ESBO full version to see which one you need.

  Swegon ESBO Light Swegon ESBO
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