This is how WISE works

WISE acts as the brain for the indoor climate, gathering data from the property and optimising the indoor climate accordingly. The data can include everything from temperature and air quality to occupancy. We call this demand-controlled indoor climate. Read more about demand-controlled indoor climate here.

​WISE is a scalable system, which means that Swegon can offer solutions for all types of properties, large and small alike. Swegon helps to create unique climate solutions for our customers’ varying needs. Generally speaking, WISE is best suited to properties where the occupancy rate varies over time, such as schools and offices. When your occupancy rate varies, for example, this means that you do not need to ventilate 24 hours a day. It is sufficient to ventilate when people are present – demand-controlled, quite simply!​

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Using WISE, it is basically possible to control all the elements in a climate system, such as air handling units and climate products. In addition, WISE can also control water and air optimisation. Furthermore, it is possible to add digital services in which products’ and properties’ data can be visualised and managed.

Wireless connectivity​

WISE communicates wirelessly, which has many advantages:​

  • The system can be started up and commissioned quickly! The system’s components are digitally matched with the role they assume in the system.​
  • Ease of installation – The installation time is reduced and the risk of misconnections is eliminated.​
  • Flexible configuration – If a wall is taken down in the building, the components can be assigned new roles without having to re-run a single cable.​

​Components in WISE​

WISE incorporates a range of different products that combine to create the smart system.

System products – These act as small brains, where all the intelligence and data are gathered.​

Climate products – The system’s climate products handle air, heating and cooling for a perfect indoor climate. These products are situated in the room, e.g. air diffusers and comfort modules.​

System accessories – Various types of transducers and sensors that detect e.g. temperature, air quality and occupancy.​

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Our SuperWISE interface checks how WISE is performing during commissioning and supervision. It is simple to operate and easy to identify any anomalies from what is expected. Using SuperWISE, the process is not only easier and more efficient, but it also enables you to rest assured that everything is working as it should.​

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Brief introduction to SuperWISE

Familiarise yourself with SuperWISE, the WISE system’s interface with which the user integrates and communicates with the system and its products.