Demand-controlled indoor climate has never been easier

What is WISE?

WISE is the smartest solution on the market for demand controlled indoor climate (DCV), both for new construction and renovation projects, where optimal comfort is combined with energy efficiency, flexibility and sustainability. ​

WISE is based on a unique technology forming a safe and flexible system that simplifies each step of the way – from system selection and planning, to installation and commissioning. This makes it possible to satisfy the highest demands in each project – be it environmental, net operating income or comfort.

Is demand controlled ventilation and WISE new to you? Read more about the fundamentals here.​

Sustainability and indoor climate

Properties account for a considerable proportion of all energy consumption, with heating, cooling and ventilation being major contributors. Demand-controlled ventilation is key when it comes to reducing energy consumption. By investing in a demand-controlled indoor climate it is possible to achieve significant energy savings. With WISE, you can follow up how the building is actually performing while in operation, even remotely, as well as make considerable energy savings:​

  • Up to 80% energy savings for air handling.
  • Up to 40% energy savings for cooling and heating compared to basic ventilation.​

​See our reference project at the school Katedralskolan in Linköping, Sweden, which managed to achieve savings of 70%.

​Flexible and sustainable properties with WISE​

Using WISE, tenant adaptations in properties can be implemented quickly and easily. Taking down or adding walls will not result in the need to reroute ventilation ducts or cables. Thanks to WISE’s wireless communication and flexible products, properties can be adapted easily and sustainably.

​Digital renovation of WISE systems​

By means of a digital renovation, it is possible to update the previous generation of WISE to the latest generation’s modern interface – without replacing the physical products. This makes it possible to streamline operations sustainably, as well as allowing old systems to be opened up to new types of digital services.

​Digital renovation of WISE

Invest in demand controlled indoor climate for a sustainable future

Many property companies and organisations are facing the challenge of adapting their operations so as to contribute to a more sustainable society. For property companies, reduced energy consumption, a lower climate impact and low carbon emissions are central objectives. In order to achieve financial sustainability, it is crucial to have satisfied tenants, and there is an increasing demand for environmentally certified properties.

WISE and environmental certifications

WISE is an excellent indoor climate system for buildings that need to be certified according to environmental or health & wellbeing certification programmes, such as BREEAM, LEED and WELL.​

Indoor climate and energy performance are key components of these certification programmes, and since WISE provides full control of these parameters, it offers an excellent basis not only for certification, but also for achieving high rating levels. Thanks to the flexible wireless technology platforming the WISE system communication, it is also easy to make post-build alterations, this being a priority in several certification programmes. Another highlighted feature is the individualised option for each occupant to adjust their local indoor climate – a principle catered for perfectly by the options in the WISE system.​

WISE fulfils many of the assessment criteria for certification of newbuilds, upgrades to existing properties and for premises in use. This makes WISE the perfect choice for buildings with high environmental and certification targets. All the WISE system’s component products naturally also come with a Swedish national construction products declaration.

Applications and solutions

WISE is particularly suitable as an indoor climate solution in buildings where the occupancy level varies over time. WISE’s solutions for achieving the best indoor climate in hotels, schools and offices are shown here.​

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Quick Guide - WISE (pdf 1.76MB) WISE gen.2 Brochure 09/03/2023
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User manual - WISE (pdf 4.27MB) WISE IOM Manual 20/03/2024
Project Planning Guide - Heating, Cooling, Ventilation (pdf 16.09MB) WISE IOM Manual 23/03/2023
Project Planning Guide - Electricity, Control (pdf 8.04MB) WISE IOM Manual 09/03/2023
Security recommendations (pdf 206.85kB) GOLD/COMPACT/SuperWISE I, SuperWISE II IOM Manual 26/10/2023


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