Applications climate ceiling systems

Offices & commercial buildings

Tesa, Norderstedt

The first employees have moved into their offices in the Technology Centre at the new company location from Tesa in Norderstedt. In this part of the building complex, which includes the headquarters and research center, engineers develop innovative, eco-friendly production processes.

The U4X radiant ceiling module and the A11-C radiant metal ceiling integrate all comfort functions, from room climate and acoustics through to lighting and many other elements.

SXB Südkreuz, Berlin

The SXB Südkreuz is located in Berlin at the Südkreuz train station, with 22'000 m2 of rental space it is Germany's largest wood-hybrid building. The new headquarters of Vattenfall Germany is located there. More than 1600 employees have been working at this location since August 2022.

The German Sustainable Building Council (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Nachhaltiges Bauen DGNB) has awarded the SXB Südkreuz as the most sustainable building in Germany. It was also awarded the renowned "Diamond Award" for outstanding architecture.

The ecological and sustainable office building is operated with an optimized energy balance. The energy-efficient A11 climate ceiling system metal + AQUILO also makes a contribution to this and ensures an optimal indoor climate.

Images: © Marc Seelen

Architecture: TCHOBAN VOSS Architekten, Berlin

Mercator One, Duisburg

The Mercator One office building is located in Duisburg between the main train station and the pedestrian zone. With its shape, the large windows and the subtle anthracite-colored aluminum cladding, the six-storey, 114-meter-long and 18-meter-wide building blends homogeneously into the cityscape. The building has a gross volume of 62’200 m3 and has a total rental area of around 10’000 m2. The ground floor offers space for restaurants and retail outlets. The other five floors and the stacked floor on the 6th floor are used for offices.

The following climate ceiling systems were used in the building Mercator One: U4X radiant ceiling module + AQUILO concealed air supply, both with an integrated lighting solution.

Emporio-Hochhaus, Hamburg

The high-rise building on the Dammtorwall is 98 meters high, making it one of the highlights in the Hamburg city centre. It sets new standards in sustainability by its flexible room design, high-quality furnishings and its climate and energy concept. The office building is pre-certified for the silver quality label of the German Sustainable Building Council and received the platinum US building rating for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED).

The installed A11-C radiant metal ceiling in the Emporio building is a linear grid ceiling.


KV Zurich Business School

The carcass of the listed building blends in with the latest infrastructure in the new training centre of the KV Zurich Business School in Sihlpost. Students can look forward to excellent training offers at the best location directly next to Zurich main station.

The ceiling solutions help students literally keep a cool head in the classrooms. A cozy room climate is only achieved when the climate system allows sufficient heat exchange by radiation. The integrated AQUILO concealed air supply into the A11-S radiant metal ceiling sailoptimally compliment the system.

Images: Gataric Fotografie

Universitätscampus USI SUPSI

The campus USI SUPSI in Lugano-Viganello is located on a large central site in the city of Lugano, on the left bank of the Cassarate River. The building with a volume of approx. 120’000 m2 consists of four individual modules, which are two elongated five-story elements (east / west) and two towers (north / south) with three floors. These modules are monolithically connected to one another, so that the building appears as a single, continuous overall structure, the different modules of which are connected to one another at the height of the ceiling on the second floor.

The campus houses the Faculty of Computer Science of the USI, the new Faculty of Biomedical Sciences of the USI, the Department of Innovative Technologies of the SUPSI (DTI), the Institute for the Study of Artificial Intelligence (IDSIA), the Promotion Center for Startups and other offers such as Spaces for sports, a hall that can be used flexibly, a cafeteria, a library and a crèche.

The following climate ceiling systems are used in the campus USI SUPSI: A11-S radiant metal ceiling sail and AQUILO concealed air supply.

Fondazione per le facoltà di Lugano dell’USI, Scuola universitaria professionale della Svizzera italiana, Riunite in consorzio

Architecture: Studio d'architettura S.Tocchetti - L.Pessina, Lugano

Medical institutions

Klinikum Stuttgart

The surface temperature regulation systems used are mainly characterised by high heating and cooling capacity. Due to the very large surface area for cooling and heat distribution, the system temperature provided by the heating or cooling source must remain low. With this ceiling system, the hospital is reducing both its environmental impact and its running costs.

The VARICOOL UNI radiant ceilings and the SPECTRA M systems have been installed to efficiently transport the thermal or cooling energy to where it is needed.

Other properties

Deutsche Bahn Hammerbrookhöfe, Hamburg

The Hammerbrookhöfe project created a new site for Deutsche Bahn (German Railways) in the south of Hamburg's city centre and concentrated about 950 employees on seven floors. The central location of the office building benefits from the site's advantages, such as its proximity to the center of Hamburg, good traffic links and a high level of leisure quality due to its nearness to water.

The installed U4X radiant ceiling module + AQUILO concealed air supply solution we set a new standard. They provide a very high level of room comfort, allowing employees to work with greater efficiency.
SBB-Reisezentrum, Luzern
The SBB Travel Centre at Lucerne railway station moved from the ground floor to the first floor after a construction period of ten months. Travelers can now obtain all products and services at a single place.
SBB opted for the METAL LINE radiant lamella to ensure the best possible room comfort in the new travel center. The radiant lamellas are ideal for rooms of all sizes due to their high thermal and acoustic performance and give the SBB center its uniform and characteristic look.
Quai Zurich Campus, Zürich

The Quai Zurich Campus at Mythenquai in Zurich is the global headquarters of the Zurich Insurance Group. From 2017 to 2021 a redesign was realized under the project name "Quai Zurich". The project included a replacement building and the restoration of listed buildings. A climate ceiling system (special solution based on A11-S radiant metal ceiling sail) is used in the auditorium (house E) and in the project room (house C).

Images: © Zurich, Photo by Stephan Birrer, Birrer Photography, 2021

Architecture: Krischanitz GmbH