Radiant Metal Ceiling
  • High heating & cooling capacity
  • Advanced sound absorption values (class B)
  • Ceiling panels and activation coils are connected using magnetic technology
  • Tool-free fitting and removal of the coils
  • Fully recyclable by material type
  • Existing metal ceilings can be retrofitted with the SPECTRA M magnetic system
  • Components can be integrated
  • Can be combined with AQUILO, VENTAMIC

A unique radiant ceiling system with magnetic force

The SPECTRA M-C radiant ceiling is a water-based radiant ceiling system with high thermal and advanced acoustic effectiveness. The magnetic connection of the activation coil and ceiling panel allows both components to be prefabricated concurrently and delivered separately to the construction site for assembly there. As a result, the manufacturing time for the ceiling as a whole is significantly reduced.

The SPECTRA M coil is ideal for refurbishing buildings in which existing metal ceilings are to be activated at a later stage. Furthermore, the coils can be fitted and hydraulically connected independently of the ceiling panels, meaning that the cooling technology can be installed and commissioned before the surface is finished. This also enables operation of the coils in advance for structural heating.

In particularly sensitive areas, additional insulation strips can be inserted to increase sound absorption without reducing the cooling capacity. A full-surface insulation layer is also possible.

The design of the SPECTRA M coil also makes it possible to separate all components by material type for subsequent feeding into a recycling process. This contributes to a sustainable circular economy even after the useful life of the product has come to an end.

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