Radiant metal ceiling
  • Very high heating & cooling capacity
  • Advanced sound absorption values (class B)
  • Can be combined with all common metal ceiling systems
  • Low system weight
  • High thermal comfort in rooms with large heating loads
  • Components can be integrated
  • Can be combined with VENTAMIC, AQUILO, ARCHISONIC®

Discreet yet striking radiant ceiling

The A11-C radiant metal ceiling delivers high thermal comfort in rooms with large heating loads, without causing draughts. The radiant ceiling system also exhibits advanced acoustic effectiveness.

The innovative A11 activation system has a special structure. The copper pipe and aluminium heat conducting rails are joined together using laser welding technology. The coils are permanently bonded to the metal plates using a special adhesive and high pressure, thereby ensuring optimum thermal transfer. Aluminium panels can also be activated using the adhesive technology, which results in further improvements in performance.

In particularly sensitive areas, additional insulation strips can be inserted to increase sound absorption without reducing the cooling capacity. A full-surface insulation layer is also possible.

The versatility of the product means that all standard installation methods and special solutions that are typical for metal ceilings can be used. This includes options such as C-Channel-, Hook-On- or Clip-In ceiling systems, which makes it easy to adapt to different room designs and architectural specifications.

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