WISE for designers

WISE for designers

Demand controlled indoor climate has never been easier

WISE is the smartest solution for demand controlled indoor climate (DCV) on the market, and combines optimal comfort with the lowest possible energy use. WISE is a complete system with all the products required for the indoor climate, including a smart control system and an easy-to-use user interface. WISE is based on a unique technology that forms a safe and flexible system that also simplifies each step of the way – from system selection and planning, to installation and commissioning. This makes it possible to satisfy the highest demands in each project – be it environmental, net operating income or comfort.

​Complete supplier – from planning to commissioning

Swegon’s technical departments and system technicians help to tailor the delivery of the WISE system and other products to satisfy the needs in all types of properties. Swegon has all the component parts and the expertise required to create and control the best indoor climate, at a low energy consumption and life cycle cost.

​Minimum delays and maximum security with WISE

WISE is supplied as a complete solution from Swegon. This offers many advantages. As you are working with one supplier, the risk of delays is minimised. In addition, the number of interfaces between contractor and supplier can be minimised. You are also more assured of getting a guaranteed end result as an entire system is being supplied, and Swegon will be there to help throughout the process.

This is how WISE works

The basic purpose of WISE is to adjust the indoor climate to exactly the level required. It ventilates, cools and heats neither too much – which costs energy – nor too little – which adversely affects comfort, but only as much as is needed. With WISE you can combine high energy efficiency, perfect indoor climate and a full overview of the whole system.​

WISE acts as the brain for the indoor climate, gathering in data from the property and optimising the indoor climate accordingly. Using WISE, it is basically possible to control all the elements in a climate system, such as air handling units and climate products. In addition, WISE can also control water and air optimisation. Furthermore, it is possible to add digital services in which products’ and properties’ data can be visualised and managed.

A good indoor climate is fundamental when it comes to achieving good IEQ (Indoor Environmental Quality). By choosing WISE, you achieve the best possible indoor climate, which can increase performance capacity significantly. According to the WELL standard, a well-ventilated office doubles cognitive ability. If it is too hot, performance can decrease by 6%, whereas if it is too cold, performance can decrease by 4%. Studies have also shown that high levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) have a very negative impact on cognitive ability and strategic thinking.


​WISE supports different combinations of indoor climate systems. Combine waterborne and airborne within the building, from floor level to zone and room level. WISE is a flexible and scalable system. The system can be adapted to meet the requirements and preferences of different enterprises and undertakings, including those that vary over time.​

WISE always includes a basic package for achieving a demand controlled indoor climate. In addition to the basic package, a number of solutions can be added, such as visualisation, optimisation, communication and various functionalities. In addition to this, a number of digital services can also be added:​

  • Swegon INSIDE​
  • Real Estate Core​
  • API

Complete supplier of WISE

In each WISE project, Swegon’s project managers ensure that the system delivery satisfies our undertaking towards the customer and other contractors in the building project. The role of the project manager is, together with the designers, to ensure that the design of the ventilation system meets the requirements for the desired function.​

​In addition, the project manager will monitor and coordinate Swegon’s deliveries and oversee these with other contractors at the building site, such as Ventilation, Electricity, Plumbing and Control and Regulation.​

The project manager will also ensure that the WISE system is put into service correctly, and that the project specific documentation is coordinated with other contractors in the building project and is handed over to the customer as agreed.​

​Each WISE system is handed over to the customer commissioned and documented. Swegon’s operating technicians will perform commissioning of all supplied Swegon products on site and coordinate this with the other contractors such as Ventilation, Electricity, Plumbing and Control and Regulation.​

​The advantage of a complete supplier is that the risk of coordination problems during both the planning and the building work is kept to a minimum. As the owner or orderer of a WISE system, the system will be designed to meet specific requirements, and is commissioned, documented and coordinated with other installations in the best way possible. ​

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Following up/optimisation​

Of course, Swegon is able to offer our analysis, validation and visualisation services in order to follow up and safeguard the installation over time. See our digital services here.​


Swegon has all the documentation required in order to plan and install the WISE system. See the documents here.​