Demand-controlled indoor climate has never been easier


Halved installation time and commissioning fast as lightning

With WISE you do not only control the ventilation, but also heating and cooling. Air- or waterborne doesn’t matter, you can freely mix and combine products down to room level. WISE keeps track of everything – with the lowest possible energy consumption and best possible indoor climate.

In many cases the installation time can be halved thanks to there being no communications cables and commissioning is performed extremely quickly with the help of a hand scanner. Just press the button.


  • Energy efficient with optimal indoor climate
  • A complete system
  • Simplified logistics throughout the construction process
  • Automatic configuring and commissioning
  • Reliable wireless communications
  • Comprehensive user interface
  • Combine waterborne and airborne room products without limitations

Just as smart throughout the construction process

1. System selection
Air, water or both? Use the system selection software Swegon ESBO to quickly and easily create decision-making data early in the building process

2. Project planning
Our product selection software helps you select the right products using intuitive visual aids. A complete system provides maximum freedom to create the best combinations of products for each individual room.

3. Installation
Wireless communications between the products significantly reduces installation time and eliminates the risk of misconnections. Logistics throughout the building process are simplified by the fact that each product unit will not require any unique pre-configuration – it’s enough to install the right type of product in the right place.

4. Commissioning
The system’s components are digitally matched with the role they assume in the system. The first time the system is started, each component is configured automatically, which saves time and eliminates the risk of human error.

5. Operation
The SuperWISE interface provides an overview and control over the entire system. The system configuration can be adapted if the requirements on the system change, for example, if walls are moved or activities in the premises change. Product updates can be sent out via the radio network with a minimum of disruption to existing activities.

“Smart wireless communication”

  • Operating reliability – WISE jumps to available frequency gaps in the radio band where it causes no interference and is not compromised by it either. This means that the system can also be used in sensitive environments such as airports and hospitals.

  • Self-healing system – If any node fails, the system automatically reroutes the traffic. Rather like a mini-version of the internet.

  • Quick commisioning – The system’s components are digitally matched with their role in the system.

  • Ease of installation – The installation time is reduced and the risk of misconnections is eliminated.

  • Flexible configuration – If you take down a wall in your building, the components can be assigned new roles without having to re-run a single cable.


Below you will find more information about the WISE system’s products, grouped by function in the system.

Download documents

You can find more documents on our document search page. Looking for older versions, you can find them in the document archive

Document Article Document type Size Format Download
1 - 25 83
Wiring instruction (WISE gen.2) ADRIATIC VFc-WISE IOREa Instructions 1.81MB pdf
Instructions for Use (WISE gen.2) Connect WISE USBa Instructions 317.36kB pdf
Wiring instruction (WISE gen.2) FRBc-WISE IOREa Instructions 959.9kB pdf
Wiring instruction (WISE gen.2) PACIFIC-WISE IOREa Instructions 646.41kB pdf
Wiring instruction (WISE gen.2) PARAGON Wall-WISE IOREa Instructions 573.88kB pdf
Wiring instruction (WISE gen.2) PARAGON-WISE IOREa Instructions 592.39kB pdf
Wiring instruction (WISE gen.2) PARASOL Zenith -WISE IOREa Instructions 1.35MB pdf
Wiring instruction (WISE gen.2) PARASOL-WISE IOREa Instructions 411.3kB pdf
Wiring instruction (WISE gen.2) PRIMO-WISE IOREa Instructions 1.15MB pdf
Pocket guide (WISE gen.2) Radio Pocket Guide Brochure 497.84kB pdf
CE-Declaration (WISE gen.2) Scanner TuneWISEa Quality 109.18kB pdf
Instructions for Use (WISE gen.2) Scanner TuneWISEa Instructions 263.62kB pdf
Hand scanner for the identification of products in Swegon’s WISE system (WISE gen.2) Scanner TuneWISEa Product sheet 183.29kB pdf
Hand scanner for the identification of products in Swegon’s WISE system (WISE gen.2) Scanner TuneWISEa Product sheet 179.34kB pdf
User manual (WISE gen.2) SuperWISE II, SuperWISE II SC Instructions 3.44MB pdf
Communication unit to WISE (WISE gen. 2) SuperWISE II, SuperWISE II SC Product sheet 1.08MB pdf
Instructions for Use (WISE gen.2) SuperWISE II, SuperWISE II SC Instructions 2.61MB pdf
SuperWISE BACnet PICS (WISE gen.2) SuperWISE, BACnet Others 672.59kB pdf
Hand-held terminal for the identification of room products in Swegon’s WISE system gen.2 TuneWISE Product sheet 194.43kB pdf
Instructions for Use (WISE gen.2) TuneWISEa Instructions 391.27kB pdf
Project Planning Guide - Heating, Cooling, Ventilation WISE Product sheet 12.11MB pdf
Project Planning Guide - Electricity, Control WISE Product sheet 7.46MB pdf
Building product declaration (WISE gen.2) WISE Colibri a Quality 94.85kB pdf
Instructions for Use (WISE gen.2) WISE Colibri a Instructions 2.34MB pdf
Active air diffuser for Swegon’s WISE System for demand-controlled ventilation WISE Colibri a Product sheet 882.15kB pdf